Equflow Single-Use Flow Meters

ProcessHQ is proud to introduce this unique flow measurement solution to the bio-tech market. The Equflow turbine flow meters offer a wide array of features and are uniquely suited for  many bioprocess flow measurement  challenges, particularly in single-use, disposable applications. The sensors are available in two sizes, covering a wide range of flow and are designed to be easily inserted into the accompanying electronics to facilitate their use in disposable process assemblies.

Please contact ProcessHQ to discuss your specific application requirements.

PVDF flow meter

PVDF Flow Meter Specifications

  • USP Class VI compliant PVDF flow cell with complete lot traceability and certification
  • Versatile 5-30 VDC powered IR electronics produce pulse signal proportional to the flow, easily retransmitted and processed
  • 2 sizes provide wide flow range coverage
  • Factory calibrated with flow cell specific K-factor
  • Clip mount electronics for easy flow sensor interchange for short runs
  • Tube holder mount for added mounting stability
  • Wide array of sterilization choices for the removale flow cell, including:
    • Gamma Irradiation (up to 50 kGy)
    • AutoclaveFlow Monitor
    • ETO
    • CIP/COP
  • Versatile single / dual-channel flow monitor and controller available from ProcessHQ, see data sheet (pdf)PVDF tube holder
General Process Specifications with water at 20º C / 68º F
Model 0045 0085
Inner Diameter (mm) 4.7 9.3
Flow Range (L/min) 0.03 - 2.00 0.3 - 20.0
Accuracy (electronics) 1% of reading 1% of reading
Repeatability < 0.15% < 0.15%
Wetted Parts USP Class VI PVDF
Ruby Bearing
Ruby Bearing
Tube Connection 7mm hose barb 12mm hose barb
Overall Length (mm) 53 62
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -20 to 80 -20 to 80
Maximum Pressure a 20 ℃ (PSI) 360 290
Viscosity Range (cSt) 0.8 - 10.0 0.8 - 10.0
K-factor (water, pulse/L) 100,000 4,500
Power Supply (VDC) 5-30 5-30
Output Signal 5-30VDC square wave 5-30VDC square wave
Power Consumption 34 mA at 5V 34 mA at 5V
Electrical Cable 1m PVC / 3.5mm plug
(CF for options)

1m PVC / 3.5mm plug
(CF for options)