Online Purchasing Solution

The procurement of sanitary process equipment and components is an integral part of the day-to-day operations of pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage manufacturers. The current process equipment procurement process is inefficient and costly. An engineer or associate who is interested in evaluating a product for procurement would go through the customary process of contacting a manufacturer's representative, speaking to a salesperson, scheduling a meeting, obtaining literature and subsequently making the decision to purchase. Moreover, evaluating competitive products requires duplication of this process for every product and vendor. provides the solution to the high cost and inefficiency of the traditional equipment purchasing process, enabling clients to evaluate process equipment, obtain specifications, and order items, all without leaving their desks. You can easily navigate our extensive product database and quickly compare different products. You can browse the catalog by category or use a search engine to search the product database by specific criteria or keywords. You can view your individual order history and use it to establish standing orders for frequently purchased or favorite items.

We are interested in building long-term relationships with our clients, relationships which are based not just on product sales, but on customer enablement and the fostering a bio-process professionals Community.

If you are unable to locate specific components or a solution to a process challenge, please contact us. Our account management staff is knowledgeable and responsive, and will quickly respond to your questions and concerns.